We promise to make it all better

We would like to apologise for the quality of the new SugarDaters release we shipped last Wednesday. Unfortunately, at launch we encountered bugs and unexpected technical issues. 

We have already corrected a lot of issues. And we know there are still more and the team is working around the clock to fix them. 

We would like to thank you for your patience and for your feedback! All your emails especially the ones accompanied by video recordings exemplifying the issues, helped us to fix most of them really quick. Please continue giving us feedback as detailed as possible so that we can work on improving the overall experience on the platform. 

We really appreciate your feedback and we are happy that you are taking the time to give it to us! Though the launch did not go as well as we had planned and expected, we hope you will stay with us a while longer to see the problems fixed and running as it was meant to. We won’t stop until the work is done! We really appreciate that you stick with us for minutes, hours, days to see the platform improved. 

We owe you a great platform and we will deliver it.

All who have been paying members since launch until 13th of August have got compensation and will receive a mail about it in the next couple of days.
Please report any issues to support@sugardaters.dk